Core Singlet Top - Black


      Core Singlet Top - White


      Core Singlet Top - Teal green


      Core Longsleeve - Black


      Core Top - White


      Core Top - Black


      Core Longsleeve - Green


      Core Sports Bra - Black


      Core Top - Green



      This collection is called Core because it’s comprehensive and includes all the “core elements” of a workout wardrobe. It features workout tights, sports bras, tops, long sleeved shirts, and a hoodie. And similar to most of our ladies clothes, Core is 100% seamless.

      The Core Collection is all about comfortable workout clothes in a high-quality, fast drying material that can be matched with items from the same or other collections. For added comfort and a better fit, our workout tights have a high waist and an elastic band that matches the band on the sports bra; a bra with improved support that’s perfect for those with bigger breasts.

      But let’s not forget our precious Core long sleeve – a high-quality workout shirt with a skin-tight design that embraces your torso. The shirt can be combined with our Core workout tops with built in sports bras. However, if you prefer loose clothes while working out we suggest you check out our tank tops and the amazing hoodie on offer.

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